Second update from Malaysia

Third week in Malaysia. Sgrunt, time is too fast when on vacation. Last week we enjoyed a couple of non-climbing days in Langkawi and then moved to Perlis. There we met the local climbing guru and guide Rizuan bin Abdullah aka Khatulpica and tried the routes that had been bolted by David Lama and Mammut and Camp5 team at Bukit Keteri and also Gua Kelam. I will talk more about this in a separated post about climbing in Perlis.

2015-12-17 18.01.50  

2015-12-18 11.34.45

2015-12-21 11.08.06

Now we are back in Kuala Lumpur and we eventually managed to go to Batu Caves. We like it so much that – also thanks to a good weather – we are climbing there for the whole week. Damai Wall has many routes in different grades, is well maintained and with facilities. It also deserves a separated post coming when I will be back in Germany.


After many different asam laksa I have found my favorite nyonya laksa, aka curry laksa. Tastes exactly like I remember, the waiting time was worth it!

I have discovered kuih, assorted Malaysian small desserts made of rice/glutinous rice/tapioca, coconut and similar ingredients and having them with every breakfast together with dragonfruit and jackfruit.ClaudiaBlog_22122015-

We have also tried the new durian stall of Durian King at Bukit Bintang where we had the best durian so far. In fact today was the third day in a row that we went there after dinner!


In Langkawi we had the chance to try fried frozen durian: simply amazing!


These are some photos of the last days.




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