Climbing in Wuppertal, NRW, Germany

(pic from the website of Wupperwände, I have no rights on this image)

Wupperwände is the only lead climbing gym in Wuppertal and also seat of the local alpine club. It hosts regional lead championships and is home of Hard Moves boulder competition. There is a bar and a small shop selling climbers´ items.

The entrance fee is approx. 13 Euro but there are reductions for alpine club members. Like many places in Germany it is easy to reach with the public transportation. You arrive at Wuppertal Oberbarmen with the train and from there you can walk if you feel athletic or have a 5-10 minutes ride with a bus.

It has a nice boulder area and climbing walls for both top-rope and lead climbing. Its lead climbing wall is something particular because it is really steep and with nice roofs at the top. You know that roofs are my passion so I definitively enjoy their wall.

2015-11-14 17.54.39
(a shot from the regional lead competition featuring the overhanging wall)
Another thing I like of Wupperwände is that – opposite to facilities of nearby cities like Cologne – the gym does not look commercial. It seems developed from climbers to climbers, without the glamorousness that is so typical now in the German indoor climbing scene. In fact I feel at home: I am everytime surrounded by a lot of nerd-looking climbers and simple people, instead of the full-branded-hair-styled climbers I am used to see in other gyms!
Here you can access the gym´s website.
And here you can watch our trailer of Wupperwände with me hanging on their challenging walls.


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