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Approx one year ago I started tracking my nutrition and my physical activities. I am a perfectionist so took it very seriously: I tracked even how much salad I used to eat or the difference between a slow and a brisk walk. I used my kitchen scale and heart rate monitor more than my cellular phone.

It was a tough time. I put myself in caloric restriction and added weight training to climbing and running. I worked and studied at the same time and all my free time was used for training, cooking and eating.

However it worked pretty well. Not only I lost body weight but I lost body fat and gained lean mass. I looked more muscular and had developed a stunning six-pack. And my climbing skills were not negatively affected since being lighter I had now an advantage. Tracking helped me to do everything correctly, to not lose muscles and to avoid nutritive deficits.

I suggest tracking calories and energy expenditure to everybody looking to improve his/her body composition and performance. I know, it is a pain in the axx but it damn works. A calorie a calorie and do not believe to people telling that the laws of thermodynamics do not apply to you.

Not only, but tracking gives insight in things we usually do not really know or where we have incorrect impressions. I was shocked from the amount of sugar and fat I used to eat while being of the opinion that my nutrition was healthy. I was also shocked from my portion sizes because I simply did not need all that food.

So just give tracking a try. In the majority of cases you do not even need to track activities because there are wonderful working formulas to estimate it to a very good degree. Try it for 4-5 days and just see how it opens your mind. Then other decisions will just come, this time with the privilege of knowledge.





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