My 27 hours-fasting

My weekly meals with the empty fasting day… so weird


Due to a medical examination I had to undergo a long fasting time with only water allowed, so I have taken the occasion to see it as an experiment. Intermittent fasting is “so hot right now” for fat loss and body recomposition. I started this experience with the opinion that fasting is not suitable for athletes and for performance enhancement. Moreover I become really “hangry” when I cannot eat, so I was really curious to test myself and my body reactions.

Two days before the fasting I increased my food intake and skipped scheduled training sessions. It was the start of the challenge, since I usually do not eat if I am not hungry and know how much to eat at every meal.

On the fasting day I tried to slow my metabolism by having a sedentary day. This was weird because I usually am an active person. Besides training, I walk 8 km per day and when I am not doing other activities I stand, also at work. And of course I only take stars. On the fasting day I just sat at the computer. I had some stuff I had left for the day (such as planning the next trip to Malaysia!!!) and did them while sitting.

It was also strange to have so much free time since I usually am very busy with meal preparing! It was a sort of freedom!

This is the diary of the day:

7 am
Waking up. The weigth on the scale is 52,01 kg (one more than usual but it is surely due to water retention plus digestion, etc). I have no hunger but last night was very cold and I still feel cold. I know that I get cold when I do not eat properly, so I decide to wear an extra layer of clothes.

8.00 am
I walk with my husband to the train station because he has to take a train to go to work. I do it every morning and come back home. It is 35 minutes walking in total. It will be my only “workout” for the day. I feel a little groggy but nothing special, I have done it plenty of times in the past when having blood tests and being on an empty stomach.

9.00 am
I turn the heater on. I start feeling hungry. This will be a long long day.

9.20 am
The heater is heating only a little bit. I check it. I am not having visions yet, I had not put it on the maximum temperature 😉

9.30 am
Shit, I am still cold… and still hungry… Let ´s see if loud music can help me.

10.00 am
Surfing for durian stalls in Petaling Jaya is doing me good. (durian always does good).

11.00 am
No hunger feeling but a light headache.

12.00 pm
Same as before, however I notice that I am restless, I start moving my feet while sitting.

12.30 pm
Headache has worsened.

2 pm
The big headache is still there. Moreover I start feeling sleepy. No hunger feeling but I take more looks at the food pantry

3 pm
The headache has disappeared and I am feeling better and no longer sleepy. I have turned the heater off and started to stand again.

4 pm
I had a short walk to buy some stuff and I am feeling great! Food is no longer threating me, I have passed by many food vendors but have not felt compelled to eat.

5 pm
I am feeling so good that I have walked to the railway station to meet my husband returning from work. (and during the walk I have stopped by to buy a giant watermelon!) Then we have taken a bus to return home. 😉

6 pm
Still feeling good. I have cleaned the kitchen, prepared meals for the next day (that I had already seasoned in order to not taste them) and still standing while organizing the Malaysian trip.

7 pm
Still feeling good but a little tired – like usual after a long day.

8 pm
Light headache has returned, still feeling good

9 pm
I am sleepy now, just wanna go to bed.

10 pm
Bed time and everything is good!


The next day
6 am
I have slept well. Incredible. When under caloric deficit I wake up at night. Not this time. I have also done my morning 30 push-ups that I have skipped yesterday.

7 am
I feel exactly like yesterday at this time, as the body had done a sort of weird reset. Is it maybe really so?

8 am
I have walked to the railway station with my husband. Like yesterday, a little groggy but it is OK, I have also bought some grocery before returning home.

9 am
I am standing, feeling good and surfing on the net. And wondering what would happen if I would continue with the fasting.

10 am
Doc appointment! After this I can eat again! I love eating!


This experience has not been as expected. I feared of craving food and starving for 1,5 days. Instead I had issues for 3 hours and then have felt on average good. The feeling of a body reset after one day has really confused me.

I know that people train while fasting. I do not know if it is something I would like to do: I deem it went so good with me because I rested from training. Moreover, I already experienced sudden fatigue after intense sessions if I do not eat properly. I do not wish to live it again. I had considered fasting in order to improve my climbing performance when sending a project – due to the weight loss – but I just lots 1 kg and I am not really sure whether I would have lost it anyway, due to eating more and exercising less on the previous days.

But I have to reconsider my previous opinon about fasting. It is something I can imagine doing once a month or so to shock my metabolism a little bit!


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