E9 pants review

To celebrate my first 3 years of climbing and my second redpointed VIII/7a in top rope, I have bought my first pair of E9 pants. For the ones of you who do not know, E9 it is an Italian fashion climbing brand. I would mark here the word “fashion” since they really design fashionable items in comparison with other climbing brands.


I find climbing fashion useless and look with disapproval at the big number of beginners who are fully dressed with big climbing brands. You look good, it is true, but after a day at the crag you are full of dirt and scars and your clothes are completely ruined. For this reason I normally use very basic clothes that I can easily throw off and replace.


However, in the last time my husband has bought some climbing pants for him including the E9 model xxx and is swearing that they make the different, they are more robust than gym clothes and he can better feel his legs, whatever it means. So I have decided to give a try to E9 and be fashionista for once.


I have bought the Andrea model because they have a nice violet colour and because they were the cheapest ones. I did not find women model particularly technic so I went for the best-looking one at a reasonable price. Climbing clothes are really expensive!


To tell the truth I have not felt any difference. No, wait. There is one difference. I have paid 60 Euro (on sale) instead of 20 Euro for a pair of pants. I feel them also very light, which is a con, because I usually climb with low temperatures and need warm trousers. They are very robust but being so light I have few occasions to wear them. They also have no pockets at all, something I dislike.


I know, I know, I could have bought a warmer model with pockets but then I would have needed a mortgage for it and they would have not looked so nice. So the final word is up to you: how do I look after the climbing session? Am I at least cuter than usual??? ;P


Updated 2nd October, 2017


I am using the pants since a couple of years now. Not very often but still a lot because I climb a lot 😉


I have to say that despite the light textile they are really robust! I still have no holes over my knees or similar. So it definitively pays to buy climbing pants, at least this model!



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4 responses to “E9 pants review”

  1. Hanna says:

    Hello, I’m considering getting some ‘real’ climbing trousers as well. I’m thinking of getting one second hand (online). But that means I can’t try them on before buying. I think we are quite similar build. So I was wondering what size you are wearing in the picture 🙂

    • Hi Hanna, many thanks for writing! I was on vacation so sorry for the delayed reply. The pants are model Andrea, size S. E9 produces similar models to this so even if you cannot find the exact one you can purchase a similar one. FYI, I am 1.64 tall and weight 54 kg.

  2. Irony Itch says:

    I have cashed out for E9 Rotondina (on sale, cca 50 Eur). They are not SO thin in fabric. But a surprise came regarding the fit. I am 1.64 and weight 60 kg. As a cyclist, my thighs are enormous. If I find pants where my thighs fit, my belt is usually loose. This is not the case in Rotondina, size S: I fit my thighs, but the waste is way too small. I think they made a tight fitting waist so the pants would not slide down while climbing. Probably a smart move, overall. In addition, there is an extra string you can tie in this model, so I think they could have done it slightly more gentle gripping in waist. I have no idea how size M would fit me, as I ordered online and they are sold out for that size. Oh, well. I am not even sure I should admit here I don’t climb …

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