Not the usual Christmas post

This Nerd Climbing Christmas post will be an unusual one and probably the last of its kind. It has actually been an unusual year, with huge achievements and both personal and professional changes for the Nerd Climbing team. This has also been reflected in the climbing world in general. The last months and years have been incredible. Sport climbing has definitively won lots of resonance, culminating into the Innsbruck World Championship. In fact, sport climbing is going to the Olympic Games and everybody wants to make sure that we make an excellent impression. We have seen unbelievable results on the rock, new climbing facilities have been built all over the world, and scientific research is now looking specifically into training for climbing. We’ve also seen lots of new brands for climbing clothes and climbing-related tools flourishing, new apps, blogs and so on.

But I would like to step a little back from this. Do any of you know the reason why Nerd Climbing was born? I will tell you. (Many) Years ago we organized our first Asian climbing trip(East Asia). I remember it took me months to do my homework. Yes, I am still talking about this century; of course we had the Internet, GPS and also apps like Foursquare. However, information was scarce and very fragmented. I had to navigate several forums and personal blogs just to manage to get some advice, not to mention language barriers. And that was not all! Some of the information I managed to collect was old and useless, or sometimes even wrong. As often happens with digital content, once uploaded nobody really cared about updating or deleting it as it became obsolete. In fact, it will probably be sitting there as long as a working connection allows it to.

We discovered all this on site, like when we found out that the crag we were looking for had disappeared under dense vegetation or we were suddenly left with no bus connection whatsoever.  Reaching out to local climbers was difficult, too. They weren’t used to being in touch with foreigners and communicated among themselves mostly using local social network or other means unknown to us.

Once back home, we decided to share our experience with other climbers and to become ourselves that source of information we had desperately looked for (without finding it). We never claimed to be fully exhaustive but we started providing information about any climbing spots we knew. We wanted to connect people all around the world and help them in their climbing trips. (We hope that some of you have found our reviews and videos useful for your own planning).

Our general aim was to raise interest in sport climbing. Back then, it was not so common that people understood what you meant when you said you were a climber, and even less they would get why you were so obsessed with it. People would think about alpinism and not understand how climbing could be a funny fitness activity.

Long story short, times have changed. If you need information about a certain crag you just have to choose among dozens of apps full of updated topos and customer reviews. Everybody knows what sport climbing is and every climber is connected with other climbers via Facebook, WhatsApp or what-ever. So, the question this post raises is… Do you still need us?

This has been indeed the most productive year for Nerd Climbing, with 2 big clients for paid articles and one commissioned climbing video. But, as we said, we are no longer interested in following this path. Many are doing it more and better than us and we never wanted it to become anything other than a free shared passion.

Don´t get me wrong, we will keep spreading the Nerd Climbing word, making videos and talking about climbing; but just for fun, for ourselves and for whomever will want to share it with us. What we will probably stop doing are reviews, gym videos and specific training/scientific articles. Unless of course you ask for them loudly. But this won’t be the case. There are plenty of better resources out there.

We wish you a fabulous holiday season and a great New Year, for the last time in a professional article like this. Enjoy the season and go climbing!

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