Climbing at Sender One LAX


We visited Sender One Los Angeles during our last trip to USA last year. This climbing gym had opened since few months and the official inauguration party was planned for the following month. However, we had the chance to climb in a fully equipped facility with no limitations at all.


There are actually 2 Sender One facilities, one in Santa Ana and one in Los Angeles near the airport. I am speaking of the one in Los Angeles city.


I must say that indoor climbing in the US (or at least in California) is pretty expensive in comparison with Europe. We were lucky that new visitors can purchase a 5-visit punch pass at a more reasonable price. However please note that the entrance fee includes also the use of their fitness area, sauna and yoga classes.


In order to be able to climb we passed a short examination in top rope and in lead climbing. Then we were free to chalk up every route!


The gym provides over 2600 square metres climbing surface with more than 100 routes The most iconic wall and the reason why I visited the gym in the first place is the so-called “Torch”, a beautiful 18 m ultra-steep overhang with the most difficult routes, up to up to French grade 8a or UIAA 9+.


sender one lax climbing torch

For boulder fans there are 21m wide bouldering walls on 2 different floors.

There is also a very nice kids area called Sender City with different entrance fees.

Here you can visit their website and Facebook page.

This is surely a world class climbing facility and probably one of the best in the US. It was pretty a relief to be able to touch some plastic holds since our vacation consisted in a 3 weeks long hiking trip with no climbing at all!

As a bonus I also had the chance to see Jason Momoa and his family bouldering, although I was too shy to ask them for a picture. I can confirm you that he is huge and very talented!!! And his sons kick asses!





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