Climbing at KI Kletterzentrum Innsbruck

Climbing is a beloved sport in Tyrol. It is demonstrated by the fact that there is plenty of awesome rock climbing routes as well as fully equipped indoor climbing gyms like the Kletterzentrum Imst.

The sport is now booming and climbing has secured its place at the Olympics. It was time to build the ultimate climbing center offering state-of-the-art routes and fine service, a facility that can satisfy both the training needs of professional athletes and recreational requests of common human nerds like you and me.

The Kletterzentrum Innsbruck is the biggest climbing gym built ground up at once. It has been built in Innsbruck, the climbers´ capital of Tyrol, replacing the good but old Tivoli.

It looks awesome, has functional spaces and a modern ventilation system, has a tasty coffee and an ultimate training area.

kletterzentrum innsbruck espresso

But let´s go deep in details. Here some numbers to measure the beauty of this centre:


5700 sq. metres climbing walls, composed by

3000 sq. metres roped climbing indoor

1500 sq. metres roped climbing outdoor

1025 sq. metres boulder indoor

175 sq. metres boulder outdoor

Walltopia walls high up to 17 metres

500 climbing routes and 200 boudering routes


We really enjoy every visit there and meet – no kidding – every time some big climbing celebrity: members of Austria, German and Swiss climbing teams but also professionals from far away like Akiyo Noguchi and Sean McColl.


Are there any downsides of KI? Unfortunately yes but they are at least not climbing related. Parking fees are expensive if you come with your car and the queue at the reception is often long. We usually come with the train and have a membership card, so nothing can stop us!


For more information you can visit the KI’s website and Facebook page.


More than any other gym, KI deserves our video review in Nerd Climbing style. We have not been able to film every gym corner, just a little bit the indoor bouldering and both indoor and outdoor rope climbing areas. We are sure you will still enjoy the video and want to visit the KI by yourself!

Please note that the first episode of our climbing vlog also takes place at KI. You will see more gym footage and also have a couple of impressions of the city.







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