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Madrid is in my opinion one of the best European food capitals. You do not have to worry about where to eat: there are more restaurants than shops and no place serves bad food. Meat, fish, bakery, cheese, desserts, vegetables… There is nothing that does not deserve being tried. You just have to pay attention to meal times: usually delayed a couple of hours in comparison with central Europe.


You know that when on vacation there is nothing I like more than trying local food and burning extra calories climbing in a local gym. Not in Madrid. Not that there are no climbing facilities; there are, it is just that their standards are low in comparison with European countries like Germany, Italy or UK.


This is an issue with Spain in general. With few notable exceptions – like Climbat in Reus and Rocopolis in Pamplona – Spain offers a little number of small climbing gyms. They are intended for beginners only: you will find short walls, mostly vertical, usually top-rope and with mandatory helmet (don´t ask me why).


I know I know, Spain IS the outdoor climbing paradise and of course you wish to climb at one the stunning crags. However I am an advocate of indoor climbing – for training purposes if you are a seasoned climber and to have fun on a rainy day if you are a once-in-a-while climber. Spanish people obviously do not share the same opinion and Madrid is no exception.


Therefore I am not going to make you a list of climbing facilities in Madrid. There is nothing special about them and I do see the point in reviewing them. If you know my past reviews you know that I have reviewed lots of gyms all over the world and only suggest a gym if I would climb there. In Madrid I prefer other activities in order to burn my extra calories… or I simply enjoy the extra rest days.



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