2017, a year in retrospect

Another year is coming to an end. It has been indeed a year full of highlights:

– a wonderful vacation in Yosemite, Joshua Tree and Red Rock Canyon in March, with stopover at brand new Sender One facility in Los Angeles;
5 years of Nerd Climbing in April;
– 500 Facebook likes in September;
– I have published in October my climbing e-book in Italian (German version is coming too!!);
– in November our first video blog featuring our typical week-end in Innsbruck;
– a climbing workshop with legend Patxi Usobiaga “PUC Training”, as well in November;
– in December a new Italian commissioner for climbing related articles.

Nerd Climbing is growing and it is only thanks to your support, your messages, your comments and your likes!

We take this opportunity to send you a huge THANK YOU and also to wish you a nice holiday season and the best start of 2018!





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