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When I started climbing and being more active, I looked for positive reinforcement and inspiration also in fitness related medias. It lasted 3 months. Now I can no longer stand it.


Being fit means being healthy, strong and resistant. But fitness means looking good. It is the new way of looking that has replaced Kate Moss´ anorexy and Sean Connery as special agent 007. This is basically why people is lifting weights, doing cardio and HIITcircuits… and many times also climbing.


This is exactly what annoys me. We are no longer talking about why we should move and exercise, the plenty of scientific evidence about health markers improvement and anti-aging effects of movement, the fact that our body is designed to be active.


I struggle with my body image as a part of being woman and living in the Western world. Nevertheless I do not want my body to look good but to be suitable to climbing because I love climbing. And not only this. I want my body being able to cover long distances, hike in the jungle and reach the top of a mountain.


And I want it to get old in a gentle way. Movement is what makes us free and independent. It is the biggest luxury ever. When we stop moving we die.


But fitness is no longer about this. Sometimes it is not even about moving if I consider mono-articular drills and fad methods like EMS training. Fitness is the new mainstream trend, like new age in the 80s. It has become a product and we have become buyers. At this point it is no longer important what is being sold but the packaging: our body.





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