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My second review about climbing pants. I usually do not buy climbing clothes. I find that a technical “climacool” shirt or top and a pair of robust leggings are more than enough. I made an exception with a pair of E9 pants some time ago and this is the second time that I use a climbing brand. This time I had no choice, I won them at a local climbing competition!


For this reason I cannot give you the exact model of these pants. It seems they are no longer in production but I proceed on the assumption assume that what I am going to write remains valid also for new stocks.

From the first time I have used them I have felt them very comfortable and robust. They are shaped like normal jeans so you have a zipper at the front and a lot of pockets.


They are made of a warm material and I use them during “mid seasons”, when leggings are too light but winter apparel still too warm.


I have probably one size bigger than my size but as I told you I had no choice and I am happy enough that they fit without being loose. In fact, they are sort of elastic so they adapt to your shape.

Should I wish to buy a new pair of climbing pants I will definitively look for Chillaz ones because I am really satisfied with them! And if you are able to recognize the model of my pants please let me know and I will update this review with the complete information!!






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