Protein bars review

I have never revealed until now: I love fitness bars!


They are a staple for my protein intake and I like trying new ones, especially while on vacation. I am also very picky because I avoid the ones with added sugars and high fat content. In fact most known bars remains at the grocery shop due to their ingredients. Others are thrown away after the first bite because they taste too artificial or sweet.


Nevertheless I still keep looking and trying them and sometimes I get a very positive surprise!


Here a list of my favourite ones. They have no more than 10g fats per bar and approx. 200 calories, unless stated otherwise.


Just a little note: I chocolate or peanut taste and avoid fruity or yogurt bars, so my suggestions are based on tastes I like.







If you live in Germany you know Seitanbacher. From musli to sourdough, Seitenbacher products have high quality, a huge variety and low prices.


My favourite Seitenbacher bars are the Protein-Riegel with chocolate (Schoko) or vanilla (Vanille) taste and the blue Fitness-Riegel. They taste like good flavoured whey, give you good 16 grams of protein and manage to make me feel really full afterwards.


When I am looking for carbs the apricot and chocolate one (Schoko-Aprikose) is one of the best packaged treat you can find, with reduced calories (only 142!).










These bars can be found at Real and sometimes at DM. I have tried many of them but find the taste too artificial. One exception is the Protein Bar 35% Eiweiss with “Dark Chocolate Geschmack” taste. There is indeed dark chocolate in there and they taste yummy!




Corny is another well known brand for energy bars. Also there I recommend only one item: the Corny Sport Eiweißquelle with chocolate (Schoko) taste. It reminds of a wafer crisp with a tasty filling so you have the impression to indulge on real junk food while in reality it is not so caloric (178 calories for 35 grams).




Layenberger are the perfect bars when I am looking for a very low caloric protein snack.

They are made of almost pure protein with 16g for a total weight of 35g. I buy them with Schoko-Nuss (chocolate nut) or Kokosnuss (coconut) or Espresso-Nero (coffee) taste. Calories pro bar amount to just 121.

I usually find them at DM.







Trek UK bars are cold pressed and not baked. They are also gluten, wheat and dairy free. They taste fresh and natural.


I like the Cocoa Chaos and the Peanut Power taste. As an added value they are some of the few bars I can bring with me when the weather is hot because they are not coated. All others melt in my backpack.




Hejbar is a German supplements brand offering a wide selection of bars. I have only tried their Protein Bars and find their nutrition facts amazing: each bar delivery you 20 grams of proteins!


They are not coated, so you can bring them with you as well on hot days. They are gluten free and low sugar and taste also natural. I like the Chocolate & Peanut and with Cookies & Milk flavours, where I can really taste peanuts and pecan nuts.




Peakbar, not to be confused with the famous supplements brand, are produced and to be found only in Tirol. In fact I discovered them at the climbing gym in Imst.


There are only two versions, the standard one with rice crispies and the one with added cocoa. I prefer the one with added cocoa because their cocoa is really yummy. And they are not coated, like the previous two ones!

They are the only organic bars of this list. In fact they taste absolutely natural, like handmade, and you have the impression that all ingredients were carefully selected.





Protein cookies are the last trend on the market. I like cookies because I eat them with a nice cup espresso. Unfortunately many of them taste artificial. However I can fully recommend the following two ones. They are big cookies that deliver 2 servings per cookie so don´t make mistakes!





I have discovered the Complete cookies from Lerry and Larry in the US and brought back a bag full of them. With the exception of birthday cake and lemon poppy I love all their flavours. Unfortunately I can find only two of them here in Europe 🙁




Buff bake is a very good and also very expensive brand. I love their protein spreads and have given a try to their cookies too. With the exception of birthday cake and snickerdoodle I have tried all flavours. They taste less “healthy” than Lenny & Larry, in fact they have less carbs and more fats pro serving and come in “junkier” versions like chocolate donut!!




I have tried these bars only once during my trips but had no possibility to find them here. I do not have enough information to recommend them but still nice memories so I will just mention them:



OhYeah! One

Dr Atkins






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