Wonderfood in Penang

The Malaysian trip has been too long and full of exciting things to talk about. This is the reason why after 1,5 years I still have posts on the subject!


Do you know Wonderfood, the Penang Food Museum? Me neither, before finding myself in front of it. Penang is one of the food capitals of the best – in my opinion – food nation in the world, Malaysia. So the idea of a food museum appealed to me. I was expecting something about the food history, cultivation methods and stuff like that. Instead, it was a totally different experience.

Wonderfood celebrates the look of Malaysian food. It is a hymn about its colours, shapes and textures. The collection is made of food reproductions. Some of them are in real size and are so well made that look like real food. Other of them are huge, so that you can play with thoughts of eating a giant nasi lemak or jumping into a bowl of laksa.

There are several thematic compositions as well as sections dedicated to the rest of the world and to the meaning and symbolic of food. Overall, the quality of reproductions is very high and installations have a stunning lighting.


We have enjoyed the museum a lot and taken gorgeous food themed pictures.

For more information you can have a look at Wonderfood´s Facebook page. And now I have to leave because I want to eat that giant durian!!





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