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I love watching Lead World Cup: the best sport climbers on the best routes in the world! The outdoor climbing wall in Imst – Austria – is one of the few ones that is part of a gym and not set up only for the competition.


Since the first time I had seen the IFSC World Cup in Imst I knew I wanted to climb there. And now that I have managed it let me tell you that it really is the best climbing wall I have ever tried!


The climbing wall, called “Sonnendeck” is huge, 21,5 metres long with routes that are 28 metres long and contain vertical walls, overhangs and roofs.

Kletterzentrum Imst Tirol Austria Kletterzentrum Imst Tirol Austria

Routes range from approx. VI/5c to XI-/8c+. XI- are the final routes of IFSC competitions. We have tried them and could not even start!


I really liked the routes quality: everyone was different and unique, holds were clean and of various shapes and quick-draws well located. I have climbed there 3 days in a row and still missed a lot of interesting routes. If you like long routes with a majority of them steep and roofy this is the gym for you.


The climbing wall is surrounded by pasture and with beautiful views of the mountains. A snack bar is open during the summer and there are toilets nearby.


Watch our trailer, you will be amazed!



The facility is part of the local sport centre that also has a very nice indoor climbing and bouldering area. There is a well equipped climbing shop, changing rooms and a cafeteria.


The climbing area is opened in the afternoon during the week and from 10 to 20 during week-ends. Entrance fee cost Euro 9 (it is actually very convenient in comparison with other gyms!)


Imst is a nice town in the hearth of Tirol, the most famous mountain area of Austria. Tirol is an outdoor paradise with lots of hiking, rock climbing and skiing possibilities. I have felt the fact that I was a famous outdoor destination, like Boulder CO or Bishop CA: everybody is an outdoor freak, there are a lot of services to help you enjoy the area – from shuttle buses to free maps and guidebooks – and you can even find Cliff bars at the local minimarket!


Despite all this I have not found Imst particularly expensive. And there are nice Asian restaurants too, although Austrian Tirolese kitchen is really tasty and I recommend it instead!


I have felt in love with the Sonnendeck and Imst in general and will definitively come back.


Kletterzentrum Imst Tirol Austria















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