Best nasi lemak in Kuala Lumpur

We have lived for more than a month in Kuala Lumpur and decided to verify which restaurant serves the best nasi lemak in town.You are travelling to Malaysia but do not know what is nasi lemak? Here you can find an article about it.


There are several claims about where to find the best nasi lemak so we started with a famous place:

Nasi Lemak Atarabangsa

This would be the place where I would introduce novices to nasi lemak. They serve a very balanced dish with a wide assortment of toppings (you can see some tempeh and fish skewer in the below picture). It is a small but very efficient stall located in the heart of food district Kampung Baru. It was very near to our apartment so we returned there ofte. The food quality never disappointed us and we never found any crowd.


Village Park in Petaling Jaya

Our trekking guide to Bukit Tabur suggested this further well renewed place. It was on the way to Camp5 so we tried it for our pre-workout meal.

It is very crowded! It is a small restaurant on a side street. We arrived there by taxy and it was even difficult for the taxy to stop because of double parked cars and of further cars looking for a parking place. The place was full of people but – like it often happens in Asia – we were immediately seated. Besides nasi lemak they serve other traditional dishes.

It has also a great service! I liked the fact that there are menus on the tables: especially if you are a foreigner they make your ordering easier. The waitress paid special attention to us and made sure that we understood everything and knew what to order. This is something uncommon in non-touristic places, especially if crowded.

I had read that they are famous for the fried chicken and for the milo dinosaur so I ordered both with my nasi lemak. It took some time for us to be served but it was so crowded and loud that I would be happy if my order was not misplaces. They did not. I received exactly what I ordered. The rice was good but the sambal too sweet for me. Malaysians have a sweet tooth, I know, but here the sweet part overcame the oniony and sour part of the sambal. The fried chicken was really tasty – and bear in mind that I do not eat fried food! The milo dinosaur was exactly what I expected: a big jar of choco-malty liquid goodness with crushed ice and milo powder on the top.



Ali, Muthu & Ah Hock

William, our friend and Nerd Climbing follower, saw on Facebook photos I posted of Village Park. He invited us to Ali, Muthu & Ah Hock claiming their nasi lemak was even better.

It is not in the usual list of famous nasi lemak places and is far away from where we stayed, so we took the occasion to meet our good friend and try a new place.

Ali, Muthu & Ah Hock is a modern kopitiam located in Petaling Jaya too, at Oasis Village. The menu was short, in fact you would not expect traditional food in such a fancy place. Instead I loved it and I loved their nasi lemak. It is the best nasi lemak I have had in Kuala Lumpur. Their sambal tastes exactly like I want, not too sweet, fishy and with a strong tamarind note. As you can see from the picture I asked a big portion of sambal because it was so delicious!


We were so impressed with their food that we ordered a second dish. William suggested us the nasi kunyit. We did not know this dish yet and we immediately felt in love. It is glutinous turmeric rice served with curry chicken. It was one of the first Malaysian dishes we cooked once returned home.

I have discovered while writing this article that they have made it to the Time Out Kuala Lumpur 2016 award and have been shortlisted for the best Malaysian restaurant. I have just voted for them and if you want too you can click here.



I wish I had tried more nasi lemak places but I was too busy in discovering hokkien food and looking for the best durian stall. I can definitively recommend all these 3 restaurants and invite you to ask to locals and try new places, just like us. And if you discover a new nasi lemak paradise let me know!




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