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A trip to Catalonia is not complete without visiting the new bouldering gym opened by Chris Sharma in Nov 2015 in Barcelona. We really looked forward to it and in fact it was the only reason why we left the beautiful and peaceful area we were staying to have a cold shower in the crowded and hyperactive movida of Barcelona.

The gym is located near the Forum, outside the city centre. We arrived there easily by car but it is also well connected with the public transportation.

As soon as you come in you breath the international flair of the gym. It is modern and spacious, with a big variety of routes. Routes are overall very enjoyable and some of them are set by famous climbers like Dani Andrada and Sachi Amma. You can definitively learn something new and have fun when bouldering there!

There is a small cafeteria inside and big locker rooms. The gym offers also yoga, trx and fitness courses and there are often special events like movie previews, training camps, presentations, etc.

It was February and I found the gym´s temperature a little bit low. I am used to facilities that are heated because even if you sweat, when you make a break you should not risk to shiver. However, low temperatures are kind of typical in Spanish rocodromos so I just have to accept it as it is.

This is their website:

(they also are on Facebook)

I would like to say that a dream came true and I enjoyed it a lot. Unfortunately I did not meet Chris in person and probably it was better so because earlier that day I developed gastrointestinal disorder and was totally unfit and groggy. Anyway, the show must go on and here you can find the our video of Sharma´s facility in Nerd Climbing style.

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