Climbing at Batu Caves, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Batu Cave is the most famous crag in Malaysia. Batu Cave is actually the name of a touristic spot on the other side of the rock formation.

There are several sectors at Batu Cave and we have visited the most famous one called Damai Wall.

At Damai Wall the rock quality is very good. Routes are well maintained and there is also the possibility of doing multi-pitch.



(my first complete lead outdoor! at Batu Caves!)

There is a climbing shop where you can book courses, rent gears and have the climbing book of the area. There are also toiles and showers that can be used for small money. People at the shop are kind and passionate about climbing and I highly recommend them and their services. They are also the ones who clean and maintain the routes.

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It is not possible to reach any sector of Batu Cave with the public transportation. There is a train from Kuala Lumpur going to the touristic Cave every 20-30 minutes. However from there it is not possible to walk to the crag because all streets bring you away from the rock formation making it very far away (remember you are in a very hot and humid country and probably under the sun all the time). You can take a taxi from the Caves train station but few taxi drivers will know the place and then you will have the problem when you decide to go back to Kuala Lumpur and that no taxi is there.


We had the possibility to visit Damai Wall because a friend of us took us with the car and even with the GPS we had to make several trials to find the correct access. A pity, since we would have definitively climbed more at Batu Caves and tried some other sectors.

So I highly recommend you to organize well your trip there, including the return, and enjoy it!




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